Sukup Grain Bins
After looking at many different bins from the inside out for nearly 40 years, Sukup
made the critical decision to start building our own bins to complete our line of grain
handling, drying and storage equipment. We brought in many bin experts to help us
design our bins from scratch, unhindered by years of "we've always done it that way."
We then invested in new bin manufacturing equipment that is the most advanced,
most efficient, and most accurate in the world. We now have two sidewall lines,
allowing us to produce twice as many bins as before.

The result - the Most Advanced Bin for the 21st Century, from the leader in grain
drying, handling and storage - Sukup Manufacturing Co.
Extra-Strong Farm Roof - 5000 lb.
Sukup has designed our farm bin roof to withstand a 40 lb/sq. Ft. ground snow load
and wind loads generated from 90 mph gust wind speeds. The 5000 lb. roof load is
standard on all farm bins up to 60'. An optional 8000 lb. roof is available for 48' bins.

The strength of Sukup roofs starts with high-strength steel. Each sheet is rigidized
every 5" to increase the stiffness of the panels, making them easier to handle.

3" ribs serve as rafters for the roof structure, thereby; strengthening the sheets. The
bends on each side of the ribs further increase strength, allowing Sukup roofs to
withstand heavy snow loads and high winds. Sukup takes the extra step of using two
different size rollers to make the ribs on our roof sheets. With this system, the upper
(overlapping) rib is slightly larger than the lower, allowing the sheets to completely
overlap and nest properly.

The Bottom Line: Top-of-the-Line Production Equipment.
When Sukup began producing bins, we invested in the most technologically advanced
roll-forming equipment, built to our exacting standards, putting us decades ahead of
the competition. We have continued to add to that equipment as our bin line has grown.

Our sidewall sheets start out as coils of flat steel. Our machines punch the bolt holes,
from the corrugations, and create the curve in the sheets, all to our tight tolerances. We
also add a coating of oil to prevent white rust. Every major component of a Sukup Grain
Bin starts out as a blank steel that our dedicated employees use to create a top-quality
finished product that they, and you, can be proud of.

Man-Sized Access: Large Manhole
The oval manhole opening on Sukup Bins measures 20" x 35.5", making it a
comfortable fit for farmers and allowing over 5 sq ft of air exhaust area. A formed lip
and rubber gasket keep rain and snow out of the bin. The cover fits securely over the
lip, preventing any moisture leakage.

Special latches hold the manhole cover firmly in place, yet they can be released from
the ladder side. When open, the door lays flat against the roof, eliminating the mess of
water and soggy bees wings.

Proper Ventilation: Sukup Roof Vents
Sukup vents mount higher on the roof, which allows more moisture to be released
during the drying process, reducing the amount of moisture deposited on the upper
portion of the grain during cooling.

Sukup roof sheets can be pre-punched for 18" roof vents. Pre-punching the vent holes
produces an extra-tall (1 1/8") extruded lip that works as a barrier, preventing moisture
from leaking into the bin through the vent opening.

The lip on Sukup vent openings is taller than any other brand to form a better moisture

Opening Innovations: Extra-large, Extra-strong Fill Hole
The fill hole on Sukup Bins is an extra-large 38" that provides approximately 8 sq. Ft. of
air exhaust area. The double-domed cap that covers the fill hole is mounted on steel
rods to allow it to slide open and closed and prevent it from being thrown around on
windy days.

As an option, you can replace the domed lid with a 60" diamond deck lid.

Powerful Support: Roof Clips
Sukup has the strongest roof to sidewall connections in the industry.

With Sukup's standard double-tab roof clips, sheets are supported every 9-3/8" at the

Roof fastening clips may be set in either the "up" position for exhausting
moisture-saturated air when drying or the "down" position for storage situations.

Optional continuous eave clip available for even greater strength.

Built to Last: Serrated Flange Nuts on Roof Panels
Sukup uses serrated flange nuts to join and secure the roof panels. The flange makes
erection quicker and easier and the serrations grip the roof surface and prevent the nut
from working loose.

Strong and Versatile: Sukup Bin Door
Sukup offers two bin door designs - a 66" door is standard for drying or storage bins
with 7 or fewer rings and a 44" door for storage bins with 8 rings or more. A 66" door is
available as an option on 8 and 9 ring bins. Both doors are made of heavy -gauge,
galvanized steel and are factory-assembled for a good fit and seal. Sukup Bin doors
feature a reversible hinge that allows the door to open to the left or right, whichever
works best for your system. The top and bottom latches on the outer door are
connected for one-hand operation.

A Step Ahead: Sukup Bin Step
The Sukup bin step (included standard) is made from heavy-gauge galvanized steel
with a special non-slip surface that doesn't hold water, providing sure footing, no
matter what the weather. The bin step is notched to fit around Sukup anchor brackets,
ensuring proper placement and a good fit.

Go Together Fast, Stand Up Strong: Sukup Sidewall Sheets
Sukup's advanced roll forming equipment and fixtures ensure close tolerances and
high quality for the best fitting bin on the market. The precision-engineered, 4" wide
corrugated, high-strength, galvanized steel sidewall sheets provide better vertical load
carrying capacity. The 4" wide corrugations also create less resistance and friction to
allow grain to flow more easily.

Sukup has streamlined the bin erection by producing sidewall sheets with bolt holes
that align properly, and also by pre-punching sheets for flashing, bolt-on base angle
and Fastir stirring machine track (all optional at no charge). You can also have
transition openings pre-cut for your Sukup fans at a nominal charge.

Form a Strong Bond: Bolts and Bolt Patterns
Sukup uses Grade 8.2 JS 500 plated bolts with a Polyethylene seal to join the sidewall
sheets and form a weather-tight bond.

All vertical seams are bolted in the peak and valley with 5/16" flange nuts for increased
connection strength and a tighter seal.

On the Inside: Inner Bin Door
Sukup has designed a truly convenient inner bin door. It is reversible, has no tie-bars
to contend with, and is also specially-designed to swing open a full 180 degrees to
rest flat against the sidewall.

Easy-open, "Knuckle-Saver" latches are designed with ample clearance between the
handle and the door to prevent your knuckles from being smashed while opening and
closing the door.

At the Top: Sukup Roof Rungs and Ladders
All Sukup Bins are equipped with eave-to-peak roof rungs. The rungs have a rounded
design, eliminating sharp edges. Steps around the hole increase safety and
convenience when working around th top of the bin.

Inside and outside ladders are needed for your safety and are available to your
preference. Sukup ladders feature continuous handrails and rungs that are securely
fastened, so they can't turn. Cages are available for outside ladders for increased
safety. Manhole access platforms, landing platforms and stairs are also available.

No One Knows Drying Like Sukup
For more than forty years, Sukup has been making grain drying more efficient and
profitable. We have the equipment to do the job, and do it right. And, we have the bins
to handle it!

Our standard stiffened and non-stiffened bins are designed for stir drying  with three or
fewer down auger stirring machines. If you're using a continuous flow drying system
with a horizontal bottom unload, a top dry system, a recirculator system with a center,
vertical unload or a stirring machine with 4 or more down augers, a Sukup Heavy
Gauge Drying Bin is the bin you need. Sukup Heavy Gauge Drying Bins were
specifically designed for the demands of these in-bin continuous flow drying systems.

Sukup Heavy Gauge Drying Bins are available in 5 or 6 rings non-stiffened and 5, 6,
and 7 rings stiffened.

Let Off Some Steam: Sukup Bin Roofs
Proper moisture and air movement are essential for effective drying, so Sukup built
their bins accordingly.

Sukup roof clips are designed to give you the eave clearance you need. In the down or
storage position, the eave opening is narrow to protect your grain from the elements
and keep pests out. But, if you're drying, you need additional eave clearance to allow
moisture-saturated air to escape, so Sukup designed their roof clips with an "up"
position as well.  The "up" or drying position provides additional ventilation area.

The 32 degree pitch on Sukup Bin Roofs allows moisture to drain off easily.
Rolled Flange or Base Angle
Sukup Bins are available with either a rolled
flange bottom sheet or bolt-on base angle.

Holding Strong: Exclusive Anchor Bracket
As with many other aspects of their bins,
Sukup has taken the anchor bracket to a new
level. The patented design of Sukup anchor
brackets allows them to be reversed for use
with either bolt-on base angle or rolled flange.

The Sukup anchor bracket also serves as a
short stiffener. It is approximately 22 high to
extend above the plenum area. Extending the
bracket reduces the stresses caused by
vertical loads on the sidewall sheets at the
bottom ring.

The two-piece, channel-shape, "L" bracket
transfers the vertical load directly to the
concrete foundation, rather than through the
shoe, preventing damage to the bracket
and/or the bottom bin sheet. The bracket also
prevents vertical and horizontal movement of
the bottom bin sidewall sheets. The
exclusive two-piece design allows the
bracket to flex with the movement of the bin.
Leading the Field
Sukup has been the leader in fans and
heaters for grain drying for decades. Why?
Because Sukup Fans are tops in airflow and
Sukup heaters produce the most heat
possible from the fuel consumed, resulting
in clean, efficient drying.

Sukup also leads the way in unloading
equipment. The Sukup Sweepway Power
Sweep features fast, safe unloading. The
Sweepway is permanently installed and all
controls are located outside the bin so
there's no need to enter the bin.

Complete Stirring for even Drying: Fastir Plus
The Sukup Fastir Plus with its patented
mechanical reversing system, is simply the
most dependable stirring machine available.
And, the constant pitch down augers move
more grain for more even moisture content
and less overdrying. A stationary outside
auger on the Fastir Plus ensures complete
stirring around the outside portion of the bin,
where a large portion of the grain is located.
Sukup Facts

SUKUP grain bins use only 65,000 P.S.I. steel in the sidewall.  Some companies use
grade mill steel that will test between 30,000 to 35,000 P.S.I.  (It takes more grade mill
steel to have the same strength.)

SUKUP uses only grade 8.2 cap screw bin bolts JS500 galvanized with neoprene
washers.  Some grain bin companies use bolts with rubber coated washers.  Cap
screw bolts cost the company more to buy, but are less likely to leak.

SUKUP grain bins 7 rings or shorter have a 58" tall by 25" wide easy full open door.

SUKUP grain bins come standard with a doorstep under the door.  No extra charge.

SUKUP has the strongest bin anchor available.

SUKUP roof is Standard with a roof safety ring and bridging ring.  No extra charge.

SUKUP has the largest manhole in the industry for easy entrance.

SUKUP has included a 5 year structural guarantee.  No extra charge.

SUKUP Mfg. Co. has set out to build the best grain bin you can buy.

SUKUP has a history of giving the customer the most value for their money.

We at Holschlag Bin Sales STRIVE to sell you the best quality product available at a
competitive price, and exceptional service for our customers.
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