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Sukup Grain Dryers - Quality Unmatched
Speed & Quality

The patented Quad Metering Roll System, standard on every Sukup Grain Dryer, has taken
grain drying to the next level. You no longer have to sacrifice grain quality for speed. The
Sukup Grain Dryer with Quad Metering Rolls gives you both.

In traditional dryers (with only one metering roll per side) the inner layers are over-dried and
the outer layers are under-dried. This means that the kernels on the inside are much
hotter. This intense heat can result in stress cracks and lower quality grain.

Only one dryer on the market can reduce this moisture variation and maintain grain quality
without blocking airflow or creating spots for debris to accumulate. That dryer is the Sukup
Dryer with Quad Metering Rolls.

How Does It Work?

By using two metering rolls in each dryer column, Sukup is able to pull the grain down the
columns at different speeds. With Sukup's Quad Metering Rolls, the inner, hotter layers of
grain is pulled down the column faster than the outer cooler layer. The process produces
more even moisture content of the dried grain, minimizes damage, and maintains higher
test weights and overall quality.

Simple, Menu-Driven System

The Sukup QuadraTouch touch screen control systems was designed to be easy to use.
The simple menus guide you through the dryer functions for easy start-up and operation.
Operator inputs are easy with a pop-up keypad for entering numbers or arrows for
adjusting by a point or two.

The QuadraTouch is a PLC-based system. The PLC is a rugged controller built to
withstand harsh environments. It offers superior noise protection, eliminating nuisance
trips and providing you with a dependable system.

Track Dyer Performance

The Sukup QuadraTouch generates graphs of dryer operations, providing you with an
at-a-glance display of dryer performance and efficiency. The graph data, along with the
information stored in the system log, can easily be transferred to a computer using a USB
drive or Compact Flash card. You can then open and work with the data in Microsoft Excel.

Efficient Operation, Consistent Moisture Content

QuadraTouch controls are advanced algorithms and calculus to increase dryer efficiency
and reduce large swings in temperature and discharge moisture. This system minimizes,
and virtually eliminates, under- and over-shooting of your set target moisture content. It also
helps the dryer to run more efficiently, since large temperature swings are eliminated.

The AC drive on QuadraTouch dryers allows metering rolls to run at as low as 5% speed.
This allows you to dry very wet grain (up to 35% moisture).

Portable and Convenient

The QuadraTouch control box can be remotely located up to 200' from the dryer. There is no
heavy umbilical cord to deal with - all that's needed is an Ethernet cord and a 100v plug-in.

The box that houses the control system weighs less than 15 lbs., so it is easy to handle.

Worry Free

The QuadraTouch was designed to be easy to operate and trouble-free, but if problems do
arise, the QuadraTouch provides you with the tools necessary to continue dryer operation
quickly and easily. Advanced self-diagnostics and intelligent fault sensing tools help you
track down the problem and provide you with a solution. The QuadraTouch also offers a
completely independent back-up system that allows you to run the dryer in manual mode.
Unmatched Performance

The Sukup Dryers' computerized controls were designed to eliminate around-the-clock
monitoring and increases productivity.

Continuous Flow or Batch Mode

While most operators use continuous flow, there are a few who prefer to run in batch
mode. For those people, Sukup has incorporated an AutoBatch program into the
computerized controls.

The AutoBatch program allows you to perform heat/cool operations with a single fan unit.
This can be beneficial in situations where the dried grain is being transferred to a bin
without a full floor.

Automatic Moisture Control is Standard

Sukup was the first company to make true moisture sensing standard on its dryers.
Sampling the grain moisture, rather than grain temperature, gives a more accurate
measure of drying progress, and results in more consistent final moisture content. (For
economical, temperature-based drying, ask about our Streamline Dryer.)

Moisture content information is collected from the sensor located in the discharge tube
and critical adjustments are made to the metering roll speeds in order to maintain your
desired discharge moisture content.

Con.tin.u.ous Flow with 1. the process of drying grain to a set point above the
desired final moisture content, then removing the grain from the dryer and placing it in a
colling bin to "steep", allowing the remaining one to two points of moisture to migrate to the
outer portion of the kernel, where it is easily removed by Sukup aeration fans. 2. a much
more gentle way to dry grain and prevent kernel damage.

Proven Performance

Proven 1750 RPM Sukup Fans and Heaters supply the air and heat needed to make our
dryers effective. The 1750 RPM fans operate quietly as compared to 3500 RPM fans.
Sukup fans and heaters are well-known within the agricultural industry fro their high
airflow, efficient operation and excellent quality. In fact, not only has Sukup been well-
known for their fans, but they have also been a leader in grain drying and aeration fans for
many years because of their top performance and reliability.

Efficient, Even Heat

Extensive testing has produced a starfire-type burner that provides critical gas and air
mixture for higher efficiency and even heat distribution. Sukup's exclusive two-way
adjustable vaporizer allows operation over a wider range of outside temperatures.

Easy Adjustments and Flexibility

Electronic modulating  valve heater control provides computer-controlled gas flow to the
burner to maintain the plenum temperature you select. Plenum temperature can be easily
adjusted from the control box. It also allows greater flexibility for drying a wider range of
incoming grain moisture levels.

Power Distribution Box

  • The power distribution box is galvanized and sealed.
  • All electrical components are protected against transient voltage, spikes and
  • A main circuit breaker disconnect is standard for safe installation and service of
    the unit.
  • A large safety stop button on the outside of the control box allows for immediate
    shut-down in emergency situations.

Easy Access

Large 4' interior doors allow quick and easy access to the unload auger and metering
rolls. Large door allows easy clean-out of the plenum area.

A slide-out door on each column allows easy, convenient access to the upper metering

Centrifugal Dryers

In quiet operation is a requirement for your grain drying system, take a look at the Sukup
Centrifugal Dryer features the same exclusive Quad Metering Roll System and advanced
computerized controls as the axial fan models, but with the added benefit of quieter
  • Airflow for these models is supplied by Sukup Dual Inlet Centrifugal Fans - 30 hp
    on 16', 40 hp on 20' and 50 hp on 24'
  • Heat is provided by efficient Sukup dual centrifugal burners.
  • Sukup Centrifugal Dryers are designed for full heat.
A Sukup Stack Dryer Exclusive

Sukup has developed the patented Grain
Cross-Over System to help eliminate
over-drying and balance the moisture
content of dried grain in a stacked dryer
configuration. This exclusive, innovative
system switches the grain from one side
of the dryer to the other as it passes from
module to module.

Switching sides balances moisture two

A cold fall wind can greatly cool one side
of the dryer, resulting in wetter grain and
uneven drying. By switching the grain from
one side of the dryer to the other, you
balance the exposure that each portion of
grain has to these conditions.

With the Grain Cross-Over System, the
inner, hotter layer of grain in the top
module becomes the outer, cooler layer in
the bottom module, which prevents the
grain from over-drying and gives more
consistent moisture content. The Grain
Cross-Over System reduces variation in
moisture content between the inner and
outer portions of the columns, as well as
between the two sides of the dryer.
No Matter How Big Your Operation, Sukup
Has the Equipment You Need.

Along with the full line of on-farm drying
and storage equipment, Sukup also
manufactures a commercial line of bins
and tower dryers. Sukup Tower Dryers are
capable of drying 600 to 7000 bu/hr.,
depending upon dryer size, so they are
able to keep up with even the largest
producers and commercial operations.

Sukup Commercial Bins are available in
sizes up to 105', with holding capacities up
to 710,000 bushels.
1) Sukup's exclusive, patented Quad
Metering Roll system reduces over-drying,
minimizes grain damage and maintains
grain quality.

2) Unload auger is suspended by hanger
bearings to eliminate pinch points and
grain damage.

3) Unload auger clean-out doors feature
cam-lock handles.

4) Easy-to-handle, single-latch clean-out
doors on outside of dryer allow fast
column unloading and access to metering

5) Interior clean-out doors allow access to
the top metering rolls.

6) 44" x 12" plenum access doors provide
easy access to the unload auger.

7) Sensor in the discharge tube measures
the actual moisture content of outgoing
grain, for much more accurate results.

8) You Sukup Dryer is personalized with
the name of your farm.

9) Sensor in the wet holding bin monitors
grain level to control fill operations.

10) 14" grain columns feature perforated,
galvanized screens standard. Stainless
Steel screens are optional.

11) Work light improves visibility and safety
in poorly lit areas. It also serves as a
"system on" indicator.

12) The air and heat for Sukup Dryers are
supplied by Sukup Axial Fans and Heaters
- the best on the market.

13) Easy-to-use computerized controls
guide you through dryer operation. Control
box case is weather-tight and lockable.

14) Optional control box stand allows
remote location of the dryer controls.